Friday, July 20, 2012

Gone but forgotten?

Isn't it amazing how you blink and months have passed?  I know I am.  It seems just like yesterday I was still a full time student.  Today, I am a full time social worker and will be starting my master's program in a few weeks.  This job has helped me realize how truly fortunate I am.

The boys will be starting back to school soon.  None of us are ready for the hectic mornings, late night projects, and homework.  But all of us are ready for ready for a routine again.  Summer has consisted of late nights, video games, and braces.   Yes, braces.

We put out our garden three times.  The first two times the deer and rabbits devoured it.  The third time everything died from lack of rain.  And of course I've snapped a few pictures.

While I may not post regularly, I still read your blogs!