Thursday, October 28, 2010

Culture of Honor

Yesterday in my Social Psych class, we were discussing the Culture of Honor.  Basically, the culture of honor is a pattern of violence that just happens to be centered in the Southern culture.  You can google the term culture of honor if you want more information.  But if you will, just allow me to put my own spin on this term... to me, it is reminiscent of the mama bear protecting her cubs.  Perhaps, in days long gone, we Southerners had to protect what was ours, what we had worked for, and what we died for, or maybe that is just too simplistic...

Is there something intrinsic, something gutteral, something that we're born with that gives us the desire to protect our young with all that we are?  Call to mind a mama bear attacking, growling, clawing, even dying to protect her young from a predator.

Yes, I know, I am taking liberties with the true meaning of the scientist's definition of culture of honor, but I promise, I am winding down to actually having a point for this story ...

A few days ago, I believed one of my children was . . .ahem . . .slighted (to be polite) by someone in an authority position.  This incident was humiliating and degrading and caused him quite a bit of grief.  Remember mama bear?

Now you see where I'm going with my ramblings.  Phone calls were made, more phone calls were made to those in authority positions, meetings were had, and yes more phone calls.  I'm not satisfied.  I'm like a dog with a bone.  I know it's hard to understand without actually knowing what the incident was and for that I apologize, but I don't believe it should be posted here in a public venue.

For me, the culture of honor is a badge that should be worn with honor.  I am mama bear.  I am southern.  I am proud.  I am a member of a community of sorts of like minded individuals who protect what is theirs and that, my friends, is my God given privilege as a Mother.


What do you think?  What lengths would you, as a parent, go to protect your child?  I try to teach my children to be open minded, to be accepting, to take others feelings into consideration, and all the other things I believe a child should be taught to grow up to be a good, productive citizen.  I have spoken to other parents who have told me those ideals are outdated.  Today's children should be taught to do what it takes to succeed and it doesn't matter who you step on to achieve those goals.  I can't wait to see your thoughts and opinions . . .

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Jean said...

As a born and raised southern, I grew up with the same standards and taught them to my (now grown) children. I had to fight a few non-violent battles in order to protect them when they were young.
Doing what it takes to succeed without regard to others is rude,crude, and shows zero class (just my opinion). This is one reason I fear for our culture and society.
So...keep fighting the good fight Mama Bear!
P.S. It has been 19 days!:)

floweringmama said...

Jean that is awesome!! I stopped in March and I'm working on hubby now, but it seems to be a losing battle :-(

Dawn said...

Yes! Fight for those you have been blessed with...and in doing so we in turn teach them how to stand for what is right!!!!
I'm proud of you!
We have been given these for a time- Mama Bear it must be!

(Thank you for the comment on my post today:) It meant a lot:))

Jules said...

This born and raised southerner has your back, flowering mama! Your values are not out dated and those telling you this need pity. Not knowing the Real story I would have to say this sort of attitude is what got you in this mess.

Now if you need another shotgun, just give me a holler :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

KrippledWarrior said...

It is hard to give an opinion without knowing the context. But people who raise their children to prey upon others is not new. And our prison system will house their offspring.

Anonymous said...

Good job

Leann said...

You go girl!

Love your list of Summer's Bounty!

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