Friday, November 19, 2010

Birds, Big Bucks, & More . . .

The cooler weather has finally arrived and I decided to make a batch of apple - seed suet.

Lard and peanut butter melting together

Stir in some bird seed

Tossed in a bit of cornmeal and some apple

Poured into a foil lined cake pan and plopped it all in the fridge.  After it hardens, I lift it out and cut into 6 squares that fit perfectly into the wire feeders.

Saw this on Tuesday and have no idea what it could be. 
Click to enlarge.

Not sure if this is the same one or not, but still unsure of what it is.
Click to enlarge.

WOOHOO!!!  Two big bucks in two years!  Joe tagged out, so he bought his extra doe tags.  So far he's harvested the buck and two does.  I haven't had time to go hunting yet with school, but I'm hoping to before the season is up!

Here's last year's buck . . .

Oh yes, this was a big, big boy!

We have lots of meat that needs to be cut, ground, sliced, and diced.  We grind our own, make our own jerky and our own summer sausage. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cathy, Do you all hang the head/rack on your wall?????? Congrats on getting another buck.... Awesome!!!!

I don't know what your bird is---since it's a dark picture... Maybe it's a female Goldfinch...

You are spoiling your birdies with that special dinner.... Mine get the store-bought kind and don't know any difference... ha ha


floweringmama said...

Hey Betsy! Oh yes, there's 2 on the wall already, no idea where this one's going to go.

Dawn said...

Wow...looks like you are having a very productive week;)))
I think that bird looks a bit like some sort of finch- it's adorable what ever it is:))

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Out on the prairie said...

I never tried the apple in my mix, I will have to put some in. I throw my apple peelings out always when I make something with them.You must eat a lot of deer.I shot about 30 over last weekend, with my camera.LOL

floweringmama said...

I think it's a finch, too, Dawn, but his ...ahem.... fluffiness made me wonder!

If I have fruit on hand, which is rare with the kiddos, I always try to add some in. And we do eat lots of deer!

Sunny said...

Cathy, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!and congrats on all the deer... that will help to fill your freezer, Nice!

Thanks for posting about adding apple to your bird suet. I've never thought of that but am going to give it a try.

becky3086 said...

That is definitely not a finch. They have thick beaks.I have just started following you and don't know where you are located but the second picture looks like a willow flycatcher or some type of flycatcher. The first picture is definitely a different bird-note the beak length and shape--can't really tell though because I can't see its back.
Great job on the deer!

floweringmama said...

Hey Becky, I'm in Western Kentucky. I'll have to google the flycatcher, definitely not familiar with that!


Anonymous said...

I bet the birds area eagerly waiting for the food.

Jules said...

First of all thank you for the kind comments recently, it meant a lot to me. :)

Second, how many points is that kill? And I loved the bird photos. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

floweringmama said...

Hey Jules! This season's buck had 9 points and last season's was 12.

I'm still trying to figure out what the birds are. Any idea?

Jean said...

Wow...that is a nice rack on that buck!
Has the cute bird (nice shots...BTW)visited your suet feeders? If so then it could be a Warbler. They aren't interested in seed feeders.

Anonymous said...

Cathy: This is the first time I've seen your site and it's wonderful. I enjoyed all of it and plan to be a regular visitor of it. You have a beautiful family. You were always talented; but it appears you continue to broaden your horizons in education, skills and self sufficiency. That motivation and determination reflect true success. Isn't wildlife and nature the most amazing cycle. Yet many never take time to observe and appreciate it. Thank you for your inspiration. Diane Shankle: email:

Anonymous said...

You amaze me. I have no idea how you do all you do!!! Thanks for doing this. I love all your pictures and comments about them. Debbie.