Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Count Down

Two more days . . .

and I'm headed back to school.  I'm looking forward to it.  I need the rigidity, the schedule.  I crave it.

I'm taking 16 hours this semester. 

Psychological testing
Work Study

Stats lab
Counseling psychology
Cognitive psychology
Advanced child psychology

Counseling psychology
Cognitive psychology
Work study

I usually pick up a few classes that I do note taking for other students and tutoring.  I'm hoping I can again this semester. 

My Advanced Child Psych class is a night class.  I hope I don't have to drop it.  I love the instructor and think it would be beneficial for me.  It just depends on when hubby goes back to work and if he ends up on a day or night shift.

Only 3 of my 5 classes I had to purchase text books.  $438 = 3 books.  Crazy.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cathy, When do you finish? What will do you when you graduate? I loved college --but am glad it's all over for me. I went as far as my master's degree. Hubby almost finished his doctorate.

Good Luck... I STILL love your blog look.

floweringmama said...

Hey Betsy! I have two more semesters left until I have my bachelors. I know I need my masters to do anything with psychology. I'd like to work in the juvenile system, but we'll see.

Nancy said...

Good for you, Cathy. I admire your perseverence. Good luck with your classes!

Beyond My Garden said...

How does the note taking work? Someone else signs up and pays for the class then you attend and take notes for that person? They pay you, right?

Connie said...

Good luck Cathy and good for you! Hope you enjoy it!

Corine said...

Yeah for you! :D I loved college. One of these days, I'm going to go back for more. :) Enjoy! :D

Bossy Betty said...

So exciting! Love these new starts. Hope you have a great semester!

Jules said...

Why, what a semester! If you need any test subjects I'd like to volunteer :)

You have been moved to the "Google has secrets category." Meaning I am not getting your updates. Don't worry, I check on my peeps personally :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

floweringmama said...

Thanks everyone! I've never taken this many hours, so I'm crossing my fingers!

Jules, I'll look to see if I got click happy and made some changes that I shouldn't have made.

Janet, said...

Good luck with your classes. I never went to college but we saw to it that our three boys did. My youngest is still in college. The book prices are outrageous! ps - I made the apple walnut cake and it was good.

Jules said...
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floweringmama said...

Beyond my garden I've been fortunate that all of the classes I've done note taking for are classes I'm already in, so it's like getting paid to take my own notes! I can bill only in 30 minute increments each time the class meets. My notes then go to what we call the plus center and they distribute them to the students who have a documented learning disability.

Janet I'm so glad you liked the cake. It is my favorite!