Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Jules over at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow created this adorable button for Valentine's Day to thank her followers.  She offered it up for snagging in hopes that we would share it with our followers. 

So -  Thank you for following my blog.  I have been a bit neglective of late because of school.  But I am dreaming of spring and all the amazing photo ops that are coming up that will fill my little corner of blogworld.

If you have or have had small children, you may know where I'm going with this.  My two little scuttlebutts are addicted to stuffed animals.  They have tons of them.  My youngest sleeps in the top bunk and his bed is ... overwhelmed.... for lack of better words, with teddy bears, elephants, snakes, and puppy dogs.  And silly me bought them each a new one for Valentine's day.  I'm a glutton for punishment.

And a special thank you to Rina over at Our Slice of Heaven!  I won my first ever blog give away and received a beautiful full color magazine called that's life! cookbook.  Thanks Rina!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cathy, Congrats on the Giveaway. I don't participate in those anymore --but used to.. Just don't care for giveaways, or memes or tags or awards (especially). BUT--there are people who do nothing BUT memes--and that is okay!!!! It's just me!!

I always liked stuffed animals also --and so did my kids/grands when they were young. I think it's great ---and they'll love their new one!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Out on the prairie said...

One year I had to ban gifts of stuffed toys we were so overpowered with and I had never purchased one for my kids.Everyone thought i was mean, but I found a church nursery in need and liquidated a few sacks full.We chased Beanie babies also, always looking for the ones we never had.The cookbook sounds fun.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Congratulations on the giveaway. That's awesome. Maybe you'll share some recipes down the road -- after kids and school and and...

Hope you have a restful weekend, Cathy.

Dawn said...

Have a lovely weekend...and Happy Day to you as well:)

Jules said...

I lost my internet last night. Thanks for spreading the Love Cathy. And just to clarify Ms. Tennessee, my love button was not an award but a thank you for people like her and you.

I hope you get the weekend off and some of the warm weather we are suppose to have. I'm so looking forward to getting outside in the fresh air. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Corine said...

Congratulations on the award! :D And thanks for the valentine.. I have the same valentine waiting for you and few other fans of yours (and mine, I hope) over at my blog! ;D

Way to go Jules! :D