Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mmmm a taste of summer

Last summer I put up several jars of freezer jam.  My all time favorite is strawberry.  It honestly doesn't get any better than strawberry freezer jam. 

My neighbor brought over a basket of peaches from the local peach orchard.  They were considered "seconds".  When I eat peaches, nectarines, plums, etc.  I prefer them rather firm, but when making freezer jam, the juicier the peach, the better the jam.

My mom had given me some fresh blueberries last summer, too.  Now I don't eat fresh blueberries, but I do bake with them. 

Then a lightbulb went off . . . why not make peach blueberry freezer jam???  I gave a jar to my mom who swore it was the best she'd ever had and her jar lasted a week.  Because my favorite is strawberry, I had never opened one the peach blueberry jars.  Until today.

I had a loaf of Paula Deen's beer bread which I toasted, smeared with butter and topped with the freshly opened jar of preserves.

Is there a specific food that when you eat it, it reminds you so much of a particular season? 

Have a great weekend!


AlexOngNYC said...

Do margaritas while sitting on the waterfront count?

Alex from Breakfast Every Hour was here.

Dawn said...

Oh delicious!!!
I JUST opened my LAST jar of freezer jam. Apricot. I always feel a bit of panic when this happens, but then I realize in a couple months i will have my garden fruit to start all over:0))

Bossy Betty said...

Oh! This looks so good. We live in strawberry country. When I see the roadside stands start to open up, I know it's spring time!

Entre Nous said...

Oh may I come to live with you, I'll be no trouble at all I swear, you'll never hear a peep out of me, well, mabe the sound of munching home-made goodies but that's about it... :}

floweringmama said...

Oh, Alex, yes yes yes margaritas count. That is classic summertime!! :-)

I know exactly what you mean Dawn. I ran out of strawberry and I thought my lil' country world was coming to an end!

Betty, there is nothing like strawberries to scream out that spring is here!

Entre Nous - here in the country, we always cook more than we should just in case. You're more than welcome to break bread with us! But I have to warn you, you'll have to try and beat the boys to those goodies!

Jean said...

Your freezer jam looks and sound yummy.
The smell of steak, hot dogs,and/or hamburgers always takes me to a summertime cookout.:)

Out on the prairie said...

I'll help you eat more, it sounds really good to me!

floweringmama said...

I tell you what, Jean, during the summer I grill 5 nights out of 7 for dinner. I feel like we live outdoors during summer months. Most nights, we have a fire in the firepit and we sit outside with the kiddos and just talk. It's my favorite part of summer.

Well, Steve, come on! This stuff is good!

Jules said...

Sorry so late, I've been doing my taxes :( Your jam sounds delicious! Love both peaches and berries, of any kind! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Leontien said...

Oh my that looks good!!! only just looking at the pics makes my mouth water!


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

Oh, it looks delicious!
My mouth's watering!

Happy Monday!