Saturday, July 9, 2011

A walk around the yard

While hubby and I were outside today hubby spotted this insane looking bug.  After doing a bit of research, I believe it is one of the almost 20,000 varieties of leaf hoppers.

Check out those yellow eyes!

These little guys popped up after last night's rain.

I use fresh basil year round

and fresh oregano.  I keep them both in a pot by the back door.

Lemon thyme from my mom.

Mystery flower, dill, and garlic.

The main garden full of purple hull peas, green peppers, watermelon, and tomatoes.

The small garden full of sunflowers, jalapenos, and cukes.

Yellow and red zinnia

Another yellow and red zinnia

Pink geranium

Zinnia garden

Mystery flower

Another mystery flower


Indian red sunflower

Orange sunflower

Red zinnia

Sunflower garden

The flowers on the right are from my friend Sue over at A corner garden.  She was generous enough to share seeds but now I can't remember what they were!

Thanks for taking a walk around the yard with me!  Hope you enjoyed it.


Leontien said...

Pretty scary eyes! haha

lovely flowers though!

Have a great weekend!

Clint said...

That's a beautiful garden and some really great flower shots.

Jules said...

Boo-hiss, my sunflowers have yet to bloom. Love the photos, though they do make me jealous and this year I have dill! I love dill sauce. :)

Sorry the temp job has made me MIA.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Out on the prairie said...

Katydid is the great insect. The purple flowers are phlox. I like the stiped zinna, i have some but no blooms yet. I put in 8 kinds of zinna.What a magnificent garden, you have that special touch.I will look forward to more.

Andrew said...

Lovely images... so colourful

Anonymous said...

The flowers and veggie garden are certainly beautiful.

Ann Patterson (Mom) said...

Loved your walk through the garden. Wish I had more time to work with herbs. You know how I like to use my seasonings and how all my family makes fun of me doing so. Oh, well. Your flowers are beautiful - mine have been neglected this year. Mom

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I see Out on the Prairie identified your phlox, which was in 2 different photos.

I'm glad the seeds I gave you grew and bloomed. It's a celosia, I'm thinking, Flamingo Feather. It will probably reseed for you. It's not what I thought it was going to be, though. Mine haven't shown up for a year or two, so at some point, they crossed with another kind.

I'm not remembering who sent me what. Was it you who sent the zinnias? The first one just bloomed. I am pleased with it.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Cathy, I came back to see if I had asked if it was you who sent the zinnia seeds. I forgot to thank you for the link, too.

I am going to go ahead and leave a link to your blog, saying I think it was you I got the zinnia seeds from. If you think I'm wrong let me know, but they do look like the ones in one of your photos.