Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day for me.  I've recuperated from surgery, the house was clean, laundry was done, so I did a lot of nothing.  I did a bit of reading and ordered a new magazine, Mary Jane's Farm.  I'm excited to get it.  I'm already thinking about what to plant in the garden this spring.  Usually by mid February my hands are itching to get dirty and feel the soil.

If you garden, do you start planning early?  Do you have a favorite vegetable that you grow?  Do you start everything from seed?  Is there something you've always wanted to plant but haven't yet?

My favorite vegetable to grow is tomatoes.  They're so versatile and I am able to can them many ways - juice, salsa, spaghetti sauce, catsup....
And cucumbers.  I have to pick them small and can them quickly.  The boys love whole dill pickles, not quartered, not sliced, but whole.

Some things I do start from seed, others I don't.  I did try purple hull peas for the first time last year and I will definitely be growing them again.


Beyond My Garden said...

Yes, I garden! I focus more on flower gardening and can't wait for my banana trees to poke through the leaf mulch as they make their way toward the sun. I'm just one state over from you and am glad to have found your blog. I'll be back.

Nancy said...

It's a bit early for me to start getting excited about the spring garden... lots of winter left yet, so I have to pace myself :)

Love your photos today, Cathy. Well done!

Out on the prairie said...

Some nice bird pics.I start tomatoes and peppers from seed so I can get some unusal varieties.Toward the end of Feruary I start the tomatoes and a few flowers that are slow germinators under shoplights in my basement.I have fun etting started, generally I knw what all I will have later this month.If you don't get Tomatoe Growers catalog from Fort Meyers,FL it is fun to look through to see over 300 kinds.

floweringmama said...

Nellie, so glad you found me! I miss my flower gardening :-( The house I'm in now is a rental and I have a hard time putting money into property that isn't mine so I make do with some containers and pots, but I do my vegetable gardening now and my herbs. Hope to see you soon. Do you have a blog, too?

Thanks, Nancy! I know what you mean. But I like to start thinking about what I can plant and I ordered my seed catalogs last night! :-)

Steve, I'm not familiar with that catalog, so I'm headed out to googleland to find it and get it ordered. My grandparents always started their veggies from seed and used those little plastic starter kits but I don't recall them ever sitting them under shoplights, just kept them on the porch.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cathy, Since we don't do veggie gardens, we are busy working on our flower garden. George has order 2-3 new rose bushes which will come the end of March.. He replaces some of our rose bushes ever year.

Our spring bulbs were planted in Fall--so all we have to do is WAIT til Spring for that. Other than that, we are just trying to get through the winter!!!!! ha

Beautiful bird pictures...

Janet, said...

Hi. Tomatoes are my favorite. I just hate store bought tomatoes and can't wait to harvest the juicy ones from my own garden. I saw your comment at Cordwood Cabin and came over from there.