Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Did you know that January is National Soup Month?  I found that out today.  I love all kinds of soups, chowders, stews, canned, store bought, but especially homemade!

A hot bowl if soup is a great way to warm up while it's cold and dreary outside.  Homemade soup is a great way to get finicky eaters to get their servings of vegetables in, especially if they help make it.  I have to admit, though, most of my soups are not for the calorie conscious.

I have two favorites.  Venison stew and potato soup.  I know, I know, everyone and their mother has "the best recipe" for potato soup.  But, shh... mine really is the best.  Why you may ask?  Two reasons.  First, it is my mom's recipe and second it has VELVEETA!

Venison (or beef) Stew - Because the boys are such carnivores, I usually use 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of cut up deer meat, or you can use beef, dump it in the crock pot, add a large can of tomato sauce, some chopped onion and celery, salt and pepper and a packet of McCormick's Beef Stew Mix.  I may choose to add extra tomato sauce or if it gets thick a bit of water.  But this is stew, and it is hearty, therefore we eat thick.  After it's cooked until the beef has started to get tender (several hours), add diced carrots and potatoes.  I usually leave mine in big chunks because I refuse to spend time delicately cutting up carrots and potatoes in nice, uniform squares when the boys eat like Ralph's little brother from a Christmas story, shoving their faces in and devouring it before it's cool enough to even taste, but that's another story.  I am so fortunate that my boys are not, for the most part, finicky.  In fact, they are little piggies.

Potato soup, ah comfort food of the gods.  Unfortunately, I am at school and don't have the recipe with me, so I'm going to attempt to remember the recipe.

Make this according to how large a pot of soup you want...

Chicken broth (I use 3-4 cans)
Lots of diced potatoes and onions and cover this with the chicken broth.  Season with salt and pepper.  When veggies are tender, add a hunk of butter and a bit of milk and a big chunk of velveeta.  Stir til cheese is melted. 

Enjoy.  I apologize for not having specifics, but I don't usually follow an exact recipe.

Now, the question is... what is your FAVORITE soup?  And please share your recipe!


Dawn said...

National Soup Month!?! :) (Big smile here....my favorite food to make:))
Well...my favorite would have to be Clam Chowder, but Barley Soup is great too. Then you have that Wedding Soup with the tiny meatballs....mmmmmm.
Not sure I can pick one- but those would have to be my top 3. OH! I forgot TACO SOUP! Another Favorite:)
(I like Soup Month:))))

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

My favorite soup is Potato Soup, always has been. I'm going to try your recipe because I like the Velvetta idea. Thanks!

AlexOngNYC said...

Mmm venison. Soup month and I'm sick so perfect!

Breakfast Every Hour

Out on the prairie said...

Soups are fun, I never measure anything and throw a lot of things in the pot. I add mushroom,celery and carrots to my potatoe soup. My mom used to put hamburger in hers.I used to puree a lot of soups so my kids couldn't pick out the veggies.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cathy, I love soups --especially in winter... My all-time favorite without a doubt is Potato... I would love it with Velveeta in it... YUM... BUT--I love a great white Clam Chowder...

I tend to like the 'cream' soups the best --although a really good home-made Veggie Beef is great also.

Jules said...

Hum... I too love potato soup but as long it is home made I like 'em all :) I did try a recipe for garlic soup I do love. It sounds sort of weird but really it was delicious. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Nancy said...

National Soup Month? I'll get to that after I celebrate National Watch the Snow Melt Month! haha!

I need to get out more.

Leann said...

Darling, Mr OP would absolutely love it!

I love soup and homemade is best!

Stay warm!

Bossy Betty said...

Potato soup is my favorite!!!!

Jen said...

I love just about any kind of soup, especially with some homemade bread! The potato soup sounds really good.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Next Tuesday, I'll have my Made From Scratch Tuesday linky up. You should link up one of your soup recipes!
http://www.messhalltobistro.blogspot.com/search/label/Made From Scratch Tuesday