Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Very Bane of my Existence

Math.  Not 2+2 but


I've already had behavioral statistics but this stuff is the pits.  I got so mad last night after the kids were sleeping because I couldn't figure out how to do something on my *@&# statistical calculator.  Part of my homework on the calculator I have to take pictures of and print them to prove I'm doing it.  That alone infuriates me. 

I don't mind learning something like this, but the amount of busy work is tedious and overwhelming on top of having a mandatory lab at 8 in the morning once a week ...

I hate this class. 

I don't say that lightly.

I remember sitting in Mrs. Catherine's second grade class doing the old kill and drill subtraction problems.  Mrs. Catherine played the old 33 rpm record that was old, static-y and in my 7 year old mind that old vinyl was the bane of my existence then.  I dreamed of grabbing the vinyl, running far away and jumping up and down on it.  Andrew, sitting in front of me, had been bumped up from 1st grade because he was labeled as boy genius, turned around and told me I was so stupid because I used my fingers for subtraction.

I am 40.  I still remember that.

Math phobia is real.  It is huge.  Those who are blessed to just "get it" have no idea what those who don't go through.

I have a 3.6 GPA - I am not a dumb person.  I just don't "get" math.  Unfortunately one of my children struggles with math.

I wish I could wave a magic wand for him.


Nancy said...

Oy - math. I did okay up through algebra -- and then I hit a wall. I can totally relate to what you are going through. It is the pits. :(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Cathy, So many people don't get Math... Don't know why. My godchild was brilliant and in all college-prep classes in high school. She always struggled with Math --and her reason was because she just wouldn't accept it as is.. She wanted to know WHY it is the way it is... I kept telling her to accept it and move on... ha

I loved math --and minored in it in college. I also taught Algebra I in high school for a number of years. LOVED it.


Out on the prairie said...

One of the worst things is to let it get to you. I used to get hung up on a problem and take off running across a desert in front of my home.When I was out of breathe I walked back home and usually solved the problem, or at least laughed at myself for getting so worked up.This got me in shape and reduced stress. Another concept is to always have a study group for each class. This gives you backup to fall on when you are stumped.I fumbled through two degees, Psych and education.I did point out you will be headed for a masters anyways, so school isn't out for a bit. I have a big shoulder so ask away when in need.As an older student you take class way more serious, so remember those around you are also having fun in between.Get in a school club, find what sounds fun.It is a long haul, I still tutor math and science, wish you were closer.

Jules said...

Hey, I'm in your corner. Never did get it, still hate it. Now feet and inches, I get those :) BTW a GPA does tell how smart someone is. Mine is awful because I cannot take tests. You have to take pictures of yourself doing homework? (Evil thoughts go through my head) :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

floweringmama said...

Nancy, I barely passed algebra and geometry in high school. When I decided to go to college, I had to take the compass test and I tested low enough that I had to go through all the remedial math classes. I'm glad I did, though. I got an A in all my math classes in college up until I took behavioral statistics and got a B. I was mad!

Betsy, you are lucky. I don't care why it is the way it is ;-)

Steve, math (stats) is the only class that I've ever had a tutor in. To me, it shows my weakness and that bothers me. I do have to remind myself that the "kids" on campus are having fun and I need to lighten up, but if I lighten up I fear my GPA will fall. In my little neck of the woods it's hard to get into grad school, so I need every advantage I can get.

Now Jules, inches and feet I get, but when you throw in the metrics, it takes me a bit longer. The pictures are of the work that is done on the calculator. It just aggravates the daylights out of me to have to do that, then upload, save, and print them. Grrr

Sunny said...

Ohhhh.... I left my math comment on the wrong post :-/ See? I can't even count.... look below.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Dear Cathy, I was considered a great math student until 9th grade when Mr. Parker started using:

Sharks swimming around in polynominal bay eating up all the monominals. LOL He totally screwed up my concrete understanding using poetic license to explain a finite science.

Take a deep breath,
you can do it,
take breaks often,

AlexOngNYC said...

Math makes my head hurt, bad. I've never been good at it even when I tried. It's one of those things that has to be taught to me very slowly and my teachers and professors never got that.

Breakfast Every Hour

Corine said...

I am a strange sort of person who always did well in math, but still don't consider myself all that good at it. College Algebra was a sinch, but I didn't need anything more for my major so stopped there. However, I still have to remind my self of how to do things to help my kids out. Homeschooling them is very good for me! :D