Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random thoughts

Yesterday was my last day of training and Sunday is my first day on the job.  All alone.  All by myself.  I had been mapping out all my stops and setting up appointments when I was notified I had to change my schedule.  I will have, in total, about 7 hours just in drive time on Sunday.  Sigh.  Not what I signed up for, but I'll roll with the flow.

There will be nights when I may not get home until well after dinner time, so I am wildly searching for family friendly crockpot meals.  If you have a favorite I would love to try it.  I do think they are getting tired of soup, though!  I don't mind them eating sandwiches every now and then.  And they will eat canned ravioli (gag) but that is only every once in a while.  I want them to have healthy, hearty meals.

If you haven't been over to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, you are really missing out!  They have the most amazing recipes.  I'm headed over there now to see if I can use some of the casserole recipes in the crockpot.

Is it just this area or has your winter been strange too?  It's been mild and windy.  Very windy, in fact.  We've had tornadoes, sunshine, rain, days at near 60 when it should be in the high 20's / low 30's.  This really makes me wonder how this will affect the temperatures later in the year.

According to the almanac:

Jan 29-31: Snowy, cold.
FEBRUARY 2012:temperature 26° (6° below avg.); precipitation 3.5" (2" above avg. east, 1" below west); Feb 1-5: Snow showers, cold; Feb 6-9: Showers, mild;Feb 10-16: Snow, then snow showers, cold; Feb 17-20: Snow, very cold; Feb 21-25: Sunny, turning mild; Feb 26-29: Heavy rain to snow, turning cold.

Have a great weekend!


Janet, said...

Our winter has been extremely mild, especially compared to last year when we had tons of snow.

Out on the prairie said...

I saw a lasagne recipe that looked good. I don't have a crockpot, so don't cook in them much.I make tacos from leftovers in the micro. Put meat and cheese in a tortilla and nuke for a minute.Eaqting some for breakfast now!LOL

floweringmama said...

Ha ha, I made homemade dumplins, whitebeans and ham, corn muffins and macaroni and cheese for the kids lunch today. They think they're in heaven.

Jenny Woolf said...

Do they like salads? luckily my family likes this and they are really quick and easy, just cut up the veggies. Other thing they like is baked potatoes in their jackets, you can buy in fillings, cottage cheese, humus, etc. Not everyone likes this stuff though I know.
7 hours drive time would bother me, though it depends on how good the roads are. Imagine it in some of the little winding 2 lane roads in England. Or even 1 lane!

Corine said...

I hope the new job goes well! :)

Leann said...

Praying that your first day goes well and fast:)

I don't do a lot of crock pot meals but the Mennonite Girls is a great place to get inspiration.